I am completely satisfied with the productivity of my machinery Completely within my budget. I appreciate a lot “Its name completely reflects in their performance.”
Anubhav Verma
Director of Product Management

Construction Equipment - Cranes


Mahindra Powerol Engine 49 Hp, Water cooled, High Torque @187Nm, Emission Norms BSIII CEV, fuel efficient engine


Heavy Duty transmission Developed Specially For Crane Application. Sliding Mesh (6-F+2-R),Speed With High And Low Selector Lever.
Travel Speed  - 25 Kmph
Single Dry Clutch  (Plate Size 11")  


Hydraulic Controlled thru 2 double acting cylinders

Operational Timing

(no load at rated engine RPM)
3 Part Boom  
Steering (lock to lock)  5-12 Sec 
Boom Raising   24 Sec
Boom Lowering    22 Sec
Telescopic Extension In 14 Sec
Telescopic Extension Out  18 Sec
Hoist Line Speed   53 m/ Min


Front Wheel  Pneumatically Assisted Hydraulic Brakes 
Rear Wheel  Mechanical Shoe Actuated Through a Slave Cylinder
parking  Mechanically Actuated At Rear Wheels


Front  1935                                            
Rear  1560                     


1. Powerful Engine (BS IIIA certified) High Torque with Wide Dealer Network
2. High efficiency Winch with Planetary Drive
3. Integrated Counter Silence Valve & Shuttle Valve In Motor With Failsafe Hydraulically Releaser Breaks.    
4. Heavy Duty Chassis & Transmission.
5. Long reach 3-Point telescopic Boom.
6. Safe & wide view With Better Visibility Cabin




Front                     11.00x20-16 PR (Front Nos.)
Rear                      13.00x24-12 PR (Two Nos.)


Telescoping Heavy Duty, Three Part Box Type Hydraulically Operated thru Jacks
Derricking Through Double acting Jacks
Hoist Mechanism  
Hoist Four Falls, Hydraulic winch (Capacity - 12 T)  Rope Diameter 13 mm

Hydraulic System

Pump High Performance Vane Pump
Control Valve Directional control Valve with 4-Spool with inlet control valve
Hydraulic Filter  25 Microns

Electrical System

Type                        12V Single Battery


Fuel Tank 60 Lyrs
Hydraulic Tank 90 Ltrs
Axle Reduction 3 Ltrs
Maximum  Weight (Kgs) 12 Tons

Safety System

Safety Brakes On Winch
Overload and Overhoisting warning signals
Hose Bursting failure control

Standard Accessories

Rear View Mirror
Tool Box
Lift Cyliner Protective guard