I am completely satisfied with the productivity of my machinery Completely within my budget. I appreciate a lot “Its name completely reflects in their performance.”
Anubhav Verma
Director of Product Management

Management Interaction

 I would appreciate the sheer dedication of the team of Akash group that enabled the company to traverse beyond national boundaries and carve a niche for itself.

A journey spanning over two decades has seen the company grow, diversify, amalgamate, consolidate and expand. Winning hearts and trust of clients, dealers/distributors and shareholders has always been the prime focus of our business culture. Consequently we have been rewarded so far. Akash group has been on a wonderful journey till date. Various milestones have remained saluting our exuberant compliments and achievements in the course.

There has been a continuous rise in Sales in the last years .Inspired by the splendid success of Akash pack tech Pvt. limited, the group has decided to earn the same trust and recognition in the Construction Equipment Industry. The ever growing demand for construction equipments is a golden opportunity to prove our talents and we sure will!

We are producing a comprehensive range of products with our own technological know-how.
I am sure that our endeavor would definitely enrich the customer experience with economic and socially responsible options through our variety of powerful products introduced this year. The specially designed and manufactured engine powering our machines is one of the most technically advanced engines in the market, capable of delivering unrivalled reliability, performance and fuel economy.  Our unique products are our highlights which sure will reach out to territories beyond the borders of India.

We are taking a proactive approach towards safer workplaces. Our uniqueness in ideas and work keeps us completely different from others. We are satisfied with the progress we as one team have achieved. With satisfaction and happiness we are empowered for our mission to lead the construction equipment market too in near future.