I am completely satisfied with the productivity of my machinery Completely within my budget. I appreciate a lot “Its name completely reflects in their performance.”
Anubhav Verma
Director of Product Management

Material Handling - Pick & Carry Cranes


Lifting Capacity

Max: 1500 KG at 2419 mm, Min: 500 KG at 4625 mm


Greaves Cotton G 600 W II Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Max Rated Power 8.10 KW at 3000 RPM


Heavy Duty Transmission devoloped specially for crane application sliding mesh Spur teeth gearbox.


Single plate heavy duty dry friction type cluth plate


Service Brakes: Mechanical assited and operated brakes both front & rear wheels through single pedal.


Travel speed 10 kmph.


Hydraulic jack operated through one bouble acting jack


Front 1390 mm , Rear 1435 mm

Operation Timing

No Loads At Rated Engine RPM
Lever 7 sec
Boom raising 10 sec - 12 sec
Boom Lowering 5.8 sec - 7sec
Telescopic extension in 10 sec - 11.5 sec
Telescopic extension out 13 sec - 15 sec

Telescopic Boom

Two part box type with hydraulically operated extension of 1210 mm. Timing : 8 sec

Boom Derricking

Range :- -5D to +60D time 5 sec

Electrical System

Battery 12 Volt 75 Amps.
Alternator 12 Volt 50 Amps.


Front 5x10 (4 Nos)
Rear 5x10 (2 Nos)

Fluid Capacities

Air cleaner 250 gram 20 w 40
Diesel 10 Ltr 10 Ltr
Hydraulic oil 28 Ltr Hydraulic oil-68
Engine oil 1.7 Ltr 20 w 40
Transmission 1 Ltr 20 w 90

Hydraulic System

Pump: Gear Type, hydraulic pump
Control valve: Three spool valvewith built in pressure relief valve for trouble free operation.

Hydraulic Filter :Suction line has 100 inline strainer while return line is fitted with 25 micron full flow filters

Hydraulic Jack : One double acting lift cylinder one double acting steering cylinders and double acting extension cylinder.

Standard Equipments

A wide view cabin reflectors and rear view mirror,tool kit, fan, comfort seat, wiper.

Safety Features

Life cylinder guard, rear light, reflector stop, side mirror and back view mirror.

Operating weight

1500 Kg


Main boom height from ground to down condition - 1345 mm

Main boom height from ground to up condition without extending the boom - 3625 mm

Height from ground to up condition - 4625 mm

Gauges and Meters

Water temperature meter

Hour meter

Amp meter

Fuel meter


Akash 1.5 ton 1980 Kgs

Salient Features

1. Fuel efficient with good performance
2. Low maintenance cost
3. Small turning radius
4. Easy operation
5. Excellent hydraulic multiple operations
6. Effective hydraulic brakes
7. Minimal foot print
8. Meet emission norms as per CMVR BS IIIA
9. Indigenous technology with availability of parts
10. Operator cabin with sufficient space and adjustable seat
11. Integrated instrument panel


1. Safe Material handing in various industries
2. Loading & unloading purpose
3. Container stuffing/destuffing
4. On-site assembly/dismantling/construction
5. Material stock placement
6. Cargo loading purpose
7. Goods transfer and assembly