I am completely satisfied with the productivity of my machinery Completely within my budget. I appreciate a lot “Its name completely reflects in their performance.”
Anubhav Verma
Director of Product Management

Research and Development

Understanding the importance of Research & Development, AEM makes considerable investments in this area. Its knowledge research wing is well equipped with modern facilities and maintains high quality standards.
Research and development facilities involve Designing, Development and Testing of products.

For Tractor manufacturing, first the entire tractor is designed. This design consists of engine, transmission plus hydraulic systems along with Vehicle design which consists of sheet metal along with controls and accessories. Manufacturing of the models designed are done further in a Protoshop which consists of sophisticated machines and equipments. VMC machines are available to cut material to shape. Computer workstations using 3D technology are used to make and assemble components .Development costs get substantially lowered due to the performance checks made on computers using simulation techniques .It also saves lot of time. Advanced 3D-modeling, analysis and simulation software are used for engines. Extensive tests of physical prototypes are further performed .As a result durability and reliability of end products becomes extensive too.

Research base consists of high-technology laboratory which consists of fully computerized test beds with online control. We test engine emissions to meet both national and international standards.

The advanced vehicle testing laboratory includes Roller testing Machine for loads, Engine testing Machine, Transmission Test beds, Testing Rigs, MGR Test Track, Endurance Test Rigs for Engine .testing for chassis and power-take-off.  Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Lab., Metrology Lab., and Materials Engineering Lab facilities are also available. Additional lab testing for various parts like Brakes is available. Final Product is then subjected to Track testing and Field testing to check fuel efficiency and optimum operation.

Other Facilities Includes:

• Leakage testing Machine
• Oil pump test rig
• Oil contamination testing.
• Test cells with hydraulic dynamometers for 100% Engine Testing.

Products after succeeding through all tests finally come forward for consideration. Extensive research  on the actual needs of our farmers is also conducted by Research and development team. Hence  Most  suitable tractors in complete coherence with farmer's requirements are manufactured by the team.